The new MXFLEX


Forearm exertional compartment syndrome ( FECS), otherwise known as “arm pump,” is a common problem. If you a ride dirt for fun or a proffessional motocross champion in the making and you haven’t experienced it yet, count your blessings!

For those of you who have never experienced arm pump, here is a quick description of the symptoms: As you begin riding, your forearms are relaxed and pain-free. As riding intensity increases, tightness and pressure begin to develop in the forearms. These symptoms are not comfortable but usually do not limit riding. Then the pressure worsens; you now notice difficulty gripping the handlebars. You adjust your riding position, but that only offers temporary relief. It becomes difficult to pull the clutch and front brake levers.

Your ability to remain competitive is severely limited. You are now concerned about holding on over the next set of jumps.

The more you excersie with MXFLEX the better conditioned your muscles will be. This will help improve blood flow to the forearms and decrease the frequency with which you experience arm pump.

MX FLEX is the answer to strengthening the right muscles to keeping you in the game, on the track and in the lead!